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"It doesn’t make sense that I haven’t heard of Clary Sage Seed Oil up until today!"?

This is a recurring phrase that we hear from our satisfied customers after they discover and use the product for the first time on a continuous basis.

How do we try to define what is so special about Clary Sage Seed Oil – to understand what causes it to be the source of Omega 3 with the largest growth rate both in Israel and the United States, and why world-renowned doctors come to us on their own initiatives in order to understand the properties of Clary Sage Seed Oil? It is hard to define in one sentence the clear advantages of Clary Sage Seed Oil, but it is a mere fact that all those who have discovered and have used the Clary Sage high-quality source omega-3, have simply one thing to say: The product works! It works for me, it works for my children, it works for my family, it has helped me resolved health related issues which similar products have not been able to resolve and I use it because it helps me! 

What is so special about Clary Sage Seed Oil?

Clary Sage Seed Oil is the perfect Omega 3 fatty acids source required daily because of its exceptional combination of rare compounds, as well as the very rich source of Omega-3 contained in its essential oil. It offers a rare and unique solution, one of a kind, which holds numerous virtues long, recognized and there is no other natural source of Omega-3 in nature that presents a rare and exceptional combination of compounds with such benefits for your health and wellbeing.

Clary Sage Seed Oil is the only available source of Omega-3 that maintains its effectiveness and healthy attributes up to and above two years (this you can verify by yourself! Just taste and smell the product, your senses don’t lie to you)

 Additional product features...

The unbelievable story of clary sage seed oil discovery

The incredible story of the Clary Sage Seed Oil plant, a world novelty, is an Israeli discovered premium source of Omega-3.

Clary Sage oil seeds were at first discovered by a group of expert researchers in plant genetics from the Israel Volcano Institute; which serves as the Research and Development arm for the Ministry of Agriculture of the State of Israel. In 1990, they set out on to undertake an ambitious task - to find a new source of ideal Omega-3. As part of the research work that stretched out over the better part of a decade, they scanned the gene pool of thousands of plants from the Mediterranean region and found that some of the strain of Clary Sage Seed Oil -  had a very high concentration of Omega-3 in additional to a variety of other safe elements. Since the discovery, the researchers conducted hundreds of laboratory tests to examine the safety and stability of the product. After analyzing all results, the researchers found, to their surprise that Clary Sage Seed Oil incorporates a rare variety of sophisticated nutrients that make it not only a highly efficient source but also the most stable of Omega-3 as is scientifically known to us today. 

The production of Clary Sage Seed Oil

Introducing the improved Visage brand for USA and Canada customers - 1820 Sage Omega 3.

Omega Visage is happy to introduce the new improved 1820 Sage  Omega 3 brand for US and Canada customers. The product is now manufactured in sunny California under strict GMP and NSF procedures, and it is approved for sales and distribution as a dietary supplement by health authorities in the USA and Canada.  It is solely distributed by 1820 Health and longevity with its wide US and Canada domestic presence. 

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